Meeting Notice 2: Sign in and Vote [Unit Owners]

As a Unit Owner, you’ll receive two different notices via email from The second notice contains the instructions on how to sign in and vote at the time of your annual meeting. 

*If your Property Management team is utilizing BuildingBoard's video conferencing feature, this notice will also guide you to logging into the call. 

1. You’ll see the date and time of the meeting, your unit number, and your unique PIN code to use when it’s time for the meeting to begin. 

2. Scroll down and you’ll also see any documents that your Property Management team has attached, such as candidate bios, financials, etc. Click each to download.

3. When it’s time for the meeting to start, click “Sign in and vote.” This will open a new tab. 

4. You’ll then copy and paste or manually type in your PIN and click "Check in." The meeting will begin once the Property Manager starts it from their side, and voting will begin upon quorum being reached and your PM opening the vote. 

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