Join a BuildingBoard Video Meeting and Vote

When it's time for the meeting to start, you will need to log in to the call. When quorum is reached, you will be able to vote. 

Join the Meeting

1. Open the meeting invite from your email. This is the second notice you will have received. 

2. Click "Sign in and Vote"

3. Enter your unique PIN code from the notice and click "Check in."

4. Click "Join Meeting."

Like other video conferencing platforms, the administrator of the meeting (the property manager), has to start the meeting first on their end for you to fully enter the meeting. Once they do, you will see the meeting leaders and any presentation being shared.  


Like an in-person meeting, voting can only be opened once quorum is reached. The meeting administrator (property manager), will open the voting at that time and you will see the voting prompts on the right-hand side of the conference screen. 

1. Place your votes for the open board seats by selecting the checkbox next to the candidates' names. Incumbents are notated with a start next to their name as well. Click "Submit."

2. Next vote for any proposition or amendment that is up. Select your vote and click "Submit."

3. Repeat if there are additional propositions or amendments. 

Once all of your votes are cast, you will receive this confirmation message: 

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