Voting as a Proxy

BuildingBoard allows for proxies to be assigned after the first meeting notice goes out. If you are assigned as a proxy, here is what that process looks like: 

1) When you're assigned as a proxy for another unit owner, you'll receive the below email notification:

1) If you're removed as a proxy for another unit, you'll receive the below email notification:

2) In the second meeting sign in and vote notice, you'll see the cumulative units you're submitting ballots for. This includes your own unit(s) as well as the unit(s) you're assigned as proxy for.

3) Click "Sign in and Vote"

4) Enter your unique PIN and click "Check in"

5) If the unit owner you're acting as proxy on behalf of provided a directive vote, you will see it pre-filled out and no changes are able to be made.

6) If no directive vote was established, you will vote on behalf of the poxy unit by selecting the check box next to the unit under the candidate's name.

7) Submit your votes.

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