SMS Text Notices - Assign Proxy [Unit Owners]

If your property management teams opts to send the notice via SMS, below is the experience to expect, and how to assign a proxy if needed. 

1. You'll receive a text message like this with the meeting information. 

2. If you need to assign a proxy/directive ballot, click the link from the text. 

3. A browser window will open on your phone's default browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). First, copy the PIN.

4. Click "Assign a proxy."

5) Paste the copied PIN and click "Sign in."

6a) If your proxy is another unit owner, select "Another unit owner" and type in the Unit #. *Note that for single digit units, your property manager may have it set up in BuildingBoard with a 0 in front (e.g. 2A may be listed under 02A).   

6b) If your proxy is NOT another unit owner, select "Someone else," type in their name and their email address. *This will ensure that they are emailed an email alert that they've been assigned as a proxy, but also the second meeting notice (with instructions on how to sign in and submit the vote at the time of the meeting) when it gets sent out.

7a) If you would like your proxy to vote on your behalf once voting is open at the time of the meeting, click "No just the proxy."

7b) If you would like to submit a proxy directive ballot of how you'd like to vote, click "Yes, submit a ballot."

8) If you clicked "Yes, submit a ballot," select the checkbox next to the candidates you want to vote for and click "submit"

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