Add Units & Owners

Though your account will be pre-populated with units and owners upon launch, you may need to manually add units in the future. There are two different ways you can do so. 

Add Individual Units & Owners

1. Under the "Units" tab, add units one at a time by selecting “Add Unit."

2. Enter the Unit Number and Ownership number represented as either a percentage or # of shares. 

3. To add an owner to the new unit you created, scroll to the bottom of the page, locate the unit, and click "add owner."

4. Fill out the owner's name, email address, and phone number, and select “Add.”

Import Multiple Units & Owners

If you have multiple units and owners to add, you can do so by importing a spreadsheet of all data, rather than entering it one by one.

1. From the "Units" tab, click "Import Units."

2. Click "Download Template Spreadsheet"

3. Fill in the Unit, Unit Ownership*, Owner Name*, Email Address, Opt-in to e-notices (if applicable) and Phone Number columns.  If you have multiple owners for an individual unit, each owner should be listed in a separate row on the spreadsheet. Review notes highlighted in the example below for completing the sheet correctly. 

 5. When the spreadsheet is completed, click to upload (or drag and drop the file), then click "import."

6. When import is complete, the import progress bar will fill all the way to the right and the "import" button will read "Done." Click "Done" and you will be taken back to the full list of Units and Owners.

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